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Hibox, a necessity for every electric flyer

... measures, calculates, displays, records, tests and much more...

Technical specifications:

Voltage range: 4,6-40 V

Current range: 50 A, 100 A, 200 A, 400 A* continuous (based on installed probe)

Sample rate : 0,1 - 30 s

Memory capacity: 9 min - 45 hours

Communication interface: RS232 (included)

Main unit dimensions (LxWxH): 85x85x15 mm

Main unit weight: 76 g

Current probe dimensions (LxWxH):

35x25x8 mm without connection cables

Current probe weight: 25 g (100 A with 4 mm Golg connector)


Simple 4 button user interface

High contrast character LCD

Data logging feature

Voltage measurement

Current measurement

Revolutions measurement (with optional module)

Power and energy calculation (Ah, Wh, W)

Maximum and minimum values

19 independent memory blocks

Servo tester, servo cycling test.

Receiver signal width and amplitude tester

User calibration of probes

RS232 internal interface - included

Sophisticated SW for data analysis and printing - included

New firmware updatable from PC

It is not only an universal powermeter but also provides the functionality of a servo tester. Like this is not enough, one can also test the receiver impuls width and amplitude, a very useful feature in the world full of different radio control equipment manufacturers.

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HiBox device consists of 2 units. Main unit with a LCD display and external current probe.

Hibox has no internal power source, it is powered by connected drive battery or external battery, where connected drive batery has voltage below 4,6V. Current rating is variable and dependant on the external probe (50A, 100A, 200A). All these current probes are based on Hall sensors, so no additional resistance is introduced in the measurement circuit. HiBox is a bi-directional device, it allows users to monitor both discharge and charge processes. With external clamp sensor Hibox enables to measure as high current as 400A (Fluke i410). With optional module

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Hibox enables to measure also revolutions as RPM or as pulse counter.

Up to 7 blades can be set. Measured values are not lost as HiBox is also a data logger. This means, that all values are recorded and saved in the internal memory. Variable sample rate gives user the possibility to measure quick discharge processes with a high sample rate or follow relatively uneventful and slow charge processes up to 45 hours with a low sample rate. Automatic recording feature will save your hand and Hibox will start recording itself when measured current will exceed defined value.


Saved values can be re-called from memory and listed directly on the main unit display (e.g. on the airfield) or through the RS232 interface transferred to PC for the off-line analysis. Included free software package features easy off-line data access, processing, comparison, analysis and ploting.




Hibox SW with Data from JP Pyrnha (Wemotec Minifan 480, Mega AC 1615/3, Jeti Hacker 40 - B, 4S LiPol 3200 mAh Kokam)



16 GP3700, Hacker B50 (Carbon) 5L, Gr. 6,7:1 + 17x18 prop.

2006 Made in Czech republic

User Guide Download (736kB)

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